Covington County Recording Fees

While recording taxes as shown here are collected consistantly state wide, recording fees differ from county to county. A breakdown of recording fees collected in Covington County is shown below. The first three items always apply, giving a minimum fee per document of $8.50.

  1. Recording fee per page - $3.00
  2. Indexing fee per document - $2.50
  3. Certification fee per document - $3.00
  4. Indexing names - $1.00 (Each additional name over 2 grantors/grantees or additional book/page references over one)
Alabama now requires an affidavit to be completed for recording a deed.  In Covington County this is required to be recorded with the deed as an extra page.  You may download a copy of the State of Alabama recording affidavit here

UCC recording fees are calculated differently. The following fees are for a document of up to two pages with one debtor:
  1. UCC-1 Financing statement - $20.00
  2. UCC Continuation - $20.00
  3. UCC Amendment - $20.00
  4. UCC Partial Release - $20.00
  5. UCC Termination - $5.50 (one page only)
  6. Additional name - $1.00 each for each additional debtor, farm number or crop number
  7. Indexing fee - $2.50
  8. Certification fee - $3.00
  9. Cross indexing - $3.50
  10. Non-standard form - $5.00

Note:  UCC filings that are not pertaining to or attached to real property must be filed with the Secretary of State.

Clerk's charges for copies- $1.00 per page. An additional $3.00 fee per document is charged for certified copies.

Alabama Recording Taxes

  1. Deed Tax - $0.50 per five hundred of sale price or fraction thereof. If a mortgage is recorded simultaneously, the sales price is reduced by the amount of the mortgage. Gifts are based on appraised value of property. Minimum deed tax is $0.50
  2. Mortgage Tax - $0.15 per hundred or fraction thereof (based on amount of indebtedness)
  3. Mineral Tax - $0.15 per net mineral acre (minimum $1.00) When minerals are conveyed, rather than reserved, add deed tax based on the total consideration (minimum is $0.50)
  4. Mineral Lease Tax - $0.05 per net mineral acre (minimum $1.00) plus deed tax on total consideration (minimum is $0.50)
  5. Realty Lease Tax - Calculated in the same manner as deed tax based on the present value of the total rental over term of lease
  6. No-Tax Collected Stamp - $1.00 per document (charged on all instruments pertaining to real property where tax is not collected)

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